DD/SLS Waiver Services

  • Group Respite
  • Supported Community Connections
  • Individualized Supported Employment
  • Non-Medical Transportation (to and from day program)


  • Group Respite
    • Available for clients on the SLS Waiver only
    • Client determined
    • Scheduled activities at least two times per week
    • May take place on an extended Friday, in the evenings, or on the weekends
  • Supported Community Connections
    • Clients plan activities each day and individuals decide which activity they would like to participate in 
    • Daily options may include:
      • Increasing independent living skills
      • Practicing pedestrian safety
      • Community scavenger hunts
      • Budgeting
      • Increasing social thinking skills
      • Recreation & leisure activities
  • Supported Employment
    • Assist clients with individualized job coaching services at community integrated employment sites.
    • Clients secure employment on their own or through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Customized Employment