How Does Customized Employment Benefit Employers?


  • Path-Co can help companies meet their Workforce Initiative and Diversity Goals.
  • Path-Co facilitates job matching between a job candidate‚Äôs educational and work histories, job interests and capabilities, and your worksite needs.
  • Path-Co provides on-site job training to teach new employees the skills they need to accomplish their specific job tasks.  In many cases, long-term services are available.  The employer or employee can contact Path-Co for employee re-training or assistance in solving other worksite issues.
  • Employer Tax Credits are available to employers when they hire many of the people Path-Co serves, as well as meet other eligibility criteria.




Working with Path-Co and negotiating a customized-job description makes smart business sense.  Working with us can help an employer to save money by lowering turnover and providing supplemental training at no cost.  Additionally, by hiring employees through Path-Co, you may be eligible to receive the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.   



Federal contractors and subcontractors now have a diverse workforce goal (Amended Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973): 7% of individuals in each job group in their workforce should consist of qualified individuals with disabilities.  Path-Co can help your business