Path-Co’s mission is to empower people with disabilities through individualized employment opportunities that foster self-sustainability, equality, and community.  Through partnerships with area businesses and organizations, Path-Co works to develop customized jobs that fulfill the employment goals and desires for the people we serve and meet the unmet needs of local businesses.

Customized Employment (CE) can be broken down into five steps that are very different from traditional ways of locating employment: 

  1. Discovery Process - The CE Agent develops a relationship with the people we support so we can learn what they want out of a career and life in general.  They help us understand what will and will not work for them.
  2. Discovery Profile - The CE Agent creates a comprehensive, written document to guide job/career development based on the information the CE Agent uncovers during the Discovery Process.
  3. Customized Plan for Employment - The team generates a plan leading to customized employment.
  4. Job Development - The CE Agent determines if the person we serve would meet unrecognized staffing needs, taking into consideration the conditions. interests, and contributions identified during the Discovery Process.
  5. Job Analysis - The CE Agent spends time on the worksite to ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and the new employee.  

Employees who complete the Customized Employment process are 40% more likely to retain their jobs after one year, compared with the national average.  Type your paragraph here.