Laurie Jo Elisha,

Assistant Director



Laurie Jo has been working with individuals with disabilities for over 10 years.  She is passionate about growing people, plants, and animals.  Laurie Jo is gifted in networking with local businesses to help clients find jobs, can see each clients strengths, and will always go the extra mile to ensure the clients are provided the best services possible. 

Laurie Jo enjoys spending time with her adult children, hiking, gardening, and gourd art.  Laurie Jo is passionate about growing her own food and raises beef, pork, and poultry.  

Christine Kisselburgh, Director



Christine holds a BAE and MAE in Special Education.  She has been employed as a special education teacher since 1998, working mainly with high school aged students.  Christine is passionate about helping people with disabilities accomplish all of their life goals.  Christine's motto is, "All of my students can do everything for themselves, until they prove otherwise.  At which time, I will provide further instruction and will again expect them to be able to do the task!"  

Christine enjoys watching her daughters play competitive sports, hiking, 4-wheeling, and spending time with her extended family.  She can often be found heading to the San Juan Mountains whenever she gets the chance.